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“Learn the circle to break the circle” is an adage an educator impressed upon Madalyn early in her career. Her skills are rooted in classic training for precision cutting, and her modern, continuing education inspires her to break the classic rules. Madalyn aims to help individuals realize their natural texture in new ways. Her hybridized techniques allow her to care for a spectrum of texture and address the needs of straight to coily hair.


When Madalyn became immersed in the world of waves and curls, she began to learn about the common, synthetic, and all-too-often toxic ingredients in hair products that cause more harm than good. As a result she aims to reduce toxins present in our everyday lives, both in her hair studio and at home.


Plume Hair Studio was born out of Madalyn’s desire to create a space that would be welcoming, comfortable, and relaxing. Her private space creates the opportunity for her guests to steal a quiet break during a busy day. When you visit Madalyn you will have her undivided attention. Indulge in a sweet treat and an espresso, and enjoy taking some time for yourself.


When not in her hair studio Madalyn is often experimenting with new recipes in the kitchen and dreaming up travel. She and her boyfriend indulge in reality TV and work so their cat, Lola, can have a better life.

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