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Curly Experience

Personalized curl cutting techniques performed on dry hair. Following the haircut is a wash, a thorough hydrating treatment, a customized styler application and drying methods for preserving and encouraging curl.

Time: 1-2 hours depending on length, curl and density. First visits include extra time for coaching and education.


Express Shaping

For established texture clients only. Haircut is performed on dry hair and appointment does not include a wash and set. Service concludes with a brief refresh of the hair.

Time: 1 Hour


Traditional Haircut

For non-curly guests and those who prefer a blown-out style. Includes shampoo and blowout.

Time: 1 Hour




All services are based on an hourly, gratuity-free rate. Duration of appointments will vary depending on length, density and hair needs. For this reason all new clients are asked to schedule a consultation either in studio or virtually through Zoom or FaceTime. Once your needs have been assessed you are invited to schedule online or Madalyn is happy to assist in selecting a time.


Kindly allow 24 hours for cancellation. Cancellations within a 24 hour time period will be assessed 50% of the service fee.

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